This is a non-exhaustive list of my trainings, workshop, ceremonies, etc. Ultimately the real Knowledge arise from us and is not learn outside in any workshop. So I want to acknowledge here all my mentors, teachers, friends, who fueled my growth and path to bring me where I am today, closer every day to my true empowered & loving self.

The greatest trainings of all:

- Life and it's constant reminder that our own Healing is the only way

- Mother Nature wisdom (Retreat in Nature, Trek, Plant Medicine, etc)

- Daily Inner Practice of Prayer, Gratitude, Acknowledging the Spirits, Meditation

- Constant work on Self-Love, Shadows & Fears, with infinite compassion for ourself

The other trainings (which have mainly guided a frame of work for the above):

- Vipassana Retreat (Shelburn, MA)

- Meditation Teacher Training (World Yoga Center, NY)

- Tibetan Sound Healing (Kathmandu Buddha, Nepal)

- Reiki Master and Medical Reiki (TM) Master Certificates (India, NYC)

- Munay-Ki Rites Initiations (USA, in progress)

- The Path of the Runes (USA)

- Plant Medicine Retreat (Brazil, Peru, USA)

- The Way of The Shaman (Foundation for Shamanic Study, USA)

- Shamanic Extraction Healing (Foundation for Shamanic Study, USA)

- The Great Shamanic Initiation (the Four Wings Society)