Living far from our comfort zone

I have been living and experiencing life so far from my comfort zone for so many years that I just realized it has been a long time since I met her.

When you live outside of it, Magic happens. Growth happens. Divine gift happen. But also a good amount of fears, pain and doubt.

I don't know if I am really good at it. Or if it's really always feeling right especially in the moment when fears take over. But I know all the gift I have in my life today comes from this way of living, this way of being.


From living in a foreign country, living on a magical land in the countryside of a national park, living this life of service, living far from the corporate world and its norms, living from my heart as much as possible, living with dreams and acting on them, living beyond what others told me was safe or normal, living a life my family often misunderstand, living to the edge of my comfort.

I don't see any other way to live this life anymore. I do not want to trade the gift of this way of being for the safety of a "normal life". I value my spirituality and my community more than the safe harbor of my original culture and land.

Yes, I wanted to renounce so many times. Yes, I fell back often crumpled by fears and doubt. Yes, I self-judged too many times and wonder if I was crazy. Yes, I was pained so often by the judgment of my family and some friends. Yes, I cried sometimes for that necessary loneliness I had to live to find my self. Yes, I questioned so often all those choices. And yes I often felt God did abandon me.

But I know it's the life I signed up for. I know it is my gift to others who want to find their purpose and heart. I know to serve we need to let go of all the things we think we are and have to be. I know it's a gift not just for me but for this Earth who is craving a new way of life, a revolution of the souls.

So when I doubt, when I fear, when I cry, I come back to my prayers. Of Gratitude. Of Clarity. Of Unity. And of Love. And there somehow I always find myself again, I find my inner warrior, with God, and with all there is.

Praying that we all step into the magic and Grace of the discomfort. ❤️

Guillaume Gauthereau