Gear Up for Equal Pay Day to Help End Pay Inequality - Gauthereau Group


As someone whose business is dedicated to helping moms and their families, I was pretty horrified when I came across this statistic the other day: “Women comprise 71 percent of servers, yet a year-round, full-time female server is paid just 68 percent of what her male counterpart is paid ($17,000 vs. $25,000).” The numbers, based on data provided by the National Organization for Women via the Restaurant Opportunities Center, are even worse for women of color. African American women servers are paid only 60 percent of what male servers are paid. Over the course of her lifetime, a black woman in the service industry will make roughly $400,000 less than her white male counterparts.

This trend isn’t limited to the service industry.  Overall, women’s earnings were 77 percent of men’s in 2011, according to Census statistics released September 12, 2012 (based on the median earnings of all full-time, year-round workers). Men’s average earnings in 2011 were $48,202 and women’s were $37,118, a difference of $11,084. Black women earned 69.5 percent, and Hispanic women 60.5 percent, compared to the earnings of white male counterparts.

Pay inequity is a common occurrence that we need to make uncommon. Unfortunately, given the sheer amount of causes to support, it’s too easy for us to place pay inequity on the back-burner. That’s why I am writing this post to spread the word about National Committee on Pay Equity’s upcoming Equal Pay Day, which is scheduled to take place on April 9.

According to the NCPE’s website, “Equal Pay Day involves thousands of local advocates in programs and activities focused on eradicating wage discrimination against women and people of color. The day features rallies, speak-outs, letter-writing campaigns, workshops, and meetings with employers, policy-makers, and enforcement agencies to promote effective solutions for closing the wage gap. Additionally, red is worn on this day as a symbol of how far women and minorities are ‘in the red’ with their pay.”

Do you know of any other events taking place or other impactful ways to spread the message? Would love to hear from you in the comments section.

Image Via: The Women’s Fund of Central Indiana