My First YPO Global Leadership Summit - Gauthereau Group

And why you should come in 2014

ypo2I recently returned from the 2013 Young Presidents Organization Global Leadership Summit in Istanbul and I’m blown away by the support and creativity that I encountered throughout the weekend. The YPO Summit is a networking and educational conference attended by roughly 2,500 YPO members, spouses, partners and invited guests. The focus of the event is to discuss and explore the issues facing today’s global CEO. Leaders from all different verticals were in attendance, from entrepreneurs to politicians to financiers.

For years, people have been urging me to attend this event, which is connected to one of the most powerful business networks in existence. After a long vetting process, which required that I be recommended by a member and subsequently approved by 3-5 chapter members, I was able to join the YPO Manhattan in November of last year. The group meets once a month for day-long discussions about personal and professional topics. We’re a very tight organization that shares and helps one another in a completely confidential environment. The organization offers a variety of business training and a massive education program that covers almost any subject a CEO would need to learn about.

The Leadership Summit is an absolute blast. Families are invited to attend the event, which makes the large gathering seem quite intimate. Having your family there is great, especially considering that the company you keep during the event can be quite intimidating. More than 20% of the world’s GDP was in attendance, including the CEOs of BMW and British Airways, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

As a member of the organization, I’m bound to a certain level of confidentiality and can’t repeat some of the wonderful things I learned at the event. However, I will say that young entrepreneurs should absolutely get involved with this organization as soon as possible. Hopefully I’ll see some of you at next year’s event.