Making Water Hip w/ Savvy Marketing - Gauthereau Group

WAT-AAH! ROSE CAMERON FOUNDER/CEORose Cameron (pictured right) deserves a great deal of respect for her entrepreneurialism and her commitment to helping improve our society. To help fight all of the health risks associated with soft drinks and other beverages marketed to children, Cameron decided to invent a brand of water marketed primarily to children. One night, while watching her children drink a sugary beverage, Cameron asked her sons if they’d like to drink water instead. Her son’s shook their heads and said, “Water is boring.” She decided to tackle that problem head-on by creating a water brand that marketed itself directly to children.

The WAT-AAH! brand features a logo, design and bottle-shape created by Cameron’s sons, according to a Forbes article. Cameron first started the company in 2008 by selling bottles of the water door-to-door in her Tribeca neighborhood. Today, she has 30 full-time employees and her product has national distribution at more than 10,000 stores, including Whole Foods Market, Albertson’s, Shop-Rite, Food Lion, Shaw’s and Kroger.

wat-aah-blackThe drinks contain no sugar and no artificial colors.

This story should inspire marketers to invest in the future of our children and our community. Marketing can be an important avenue for education. Cameron’s WAT-AAH! ads feature voiceovers from children explaining the benefits of drinking WAT-AAH! (and by default, water in general). She’s made the effort to create a beneficial product that helps families make the right decisions, and I’m confident she’ll be appreciated and rewarded by mothers and fathers everywhere for what she’s accomplished.