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With so much content being created each day, it’s getting difficult to find the most valuable information; not just the latest news or the most popular, but news that brings us inspiration that can help get us outside of our daily routine. Here are some of my favorites, including a brief explanation of what each offers and how they benefit me as a CEO and a lover of great content. PSFK compiles the day’s top 15 stories in technology, retail, advertising, design and commerce. The site, which is fanatically focused on innovation, offers a broad scope of industry-related information. It also goes beyond the traditional scope of business by highlighting creativity and upcoming creative events and conferences.

Netted by the Webbys promotes one new company, service or website each day. Selections are made based on companies the site considers “worthwhile, indispensable, or even life changing.” Between managing our time for careers and family and obligations, we don’t always have time to sift through the internet hoping to discover something cool and useful. Netted by the Webbys does a great job highlighting the companies, services or products that focus on improving our lives and not just the technology we use. is a highly curated website focused on increased sustainability through the lens of how we consume video, design, art and culture. Founded by film producer Peter Glatzer and actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier (of Entourage fame),’s board includes Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, and loads of other inspiring people. The site is broken into sections on architecture, fashion, sports and other topics you wouldn’t necessarily associate with sustainability.

Tiny Buddha’s tagline is wonderful: “Simple wisdom for complex lives.” I think it’s a wonderful venue for tips on healthy living, overcoming change and challenges, and inserting meaning and passion into your life (no matter what that may mean for you personally). Although the blog’s roots are based in Buddhism, the site isn’t focused on preaching or converting. With subjects as universal as 3 Tips to Escape the Perfectionism Trap and Feel Good Enough, it’s the perfect blog to turn to when you need to remain grounded and feel at peace.

The Harvard Business Review is focused on quality analysis of technology, innovation and the overall impact business has on our everyday lives. You’ll find topics as diverse as the role of female leadership in business, the impact of HR decisions, and the day’s juiciest social media scandals. The articles are very accessible and the content is valuable regardless of your level of interest in the international business community or academia.

I also appreciate Mashable, especially for its design update, which includes a live feed that posts new content every five minutes, and a wider layout that enables more art and easier access to articles. Mashable’s content is not only social media-driven, the site’s layout applies the most innovative social media principles to content presentation, including convenient shareability and a live velocity graph that tracks how each article is performing on the web.

These are just the staples of my daily content consumption. I’m always looking to add a few more to the list, so please feel free to shoot over some of your own recommendations.