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Earth Gong & Heart Sound Healing Ceremony with Kava Tea medicine

  • The Sanctuary 132 Hospital Road NY, 12723 United States (map)

In this beginning of the year, the trees are inviting us to follow Nature rhythm and to anchor ourselves deeply into the Earth. From that place, we can heal, nurture and open our root chakra. Let go of fear, pain, and surrender to the Earth energy to let her feed our Hearts.

In this sound healing ceremony, we will be guided into a deep meditation with the sound of an exceptional shamanic Earth gong. We will start the ceremony with opening prayers and by drinking a Kava tea, a very ancient traditional plant medicine used to open the Heart. Kava brings deep relaxation yet keeps you alert and aware so you can gently dive into your body sensations and allow profound healing to happen.

I will also offer an individual lympia to all participants. Lympia is a purification technique to cleanse a person's energy and aura.

This ceremony is perfect if you want to let go of old wounds, heal traumas, clear negative energies, let go of trapped emotions, restore your inner sense of calm, joy and peace, connect more deeply to our spirit and soul calling, and step more authentically into your power.

Come with comfortable clothing, ideally a light 3 hours fast (water is ok but avoid any coffee, alcohol and non-herbal tea that day), a notebook and pen to write about your journey.

It is open to anyone, kids included!


Paiste Mother  Earth Gong

Paiste Mother  Earth Gong


Kava Root, we will use them as a tea, to help open our hearts and relax our bodies. This will enhance our sound healing experience to great depth.