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Modern Shaman Mystery School FREE ONLINE Event

If you are intrigued by sacred plant medicines & want to explore shamanic traditions in a safe and empowering way, you don’t want to miss out on this global gathering of visionary shamans hosted by my friend Lorna Liana:

== > The Modern Shaman Mystery School on May 1-9, 2018

In this free week-long online event, 40+ experts and teachers from a diversity of cultures and traditions discuss how we can safely work with:

[+] Ancestors, Power Animals, & Spirit Guides
[+] Dreamwork, Visions & Higher States of Consciousness
[+] Indigenous Wisdom & Shamanic Healing
[+] Plant Teachers & Visionary Medicines

If you are ready to learn ancient shamanic tools to help you claim your innate power, discover your soul’s purpose, manifest the life you want, and evolve into the highest version of yourself, grab your complimentary seat right here:

== > The Modern Shaman Mystery School on May 1-9, 2018