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Power Animal Shamanic Ceremony

What is a Power Animal? Shamans believe that we all have our own Power Animal - an animal spirit that lives with each of us, giving us power and protecting us from illness, acting similarly to a guardian angel.

The foundation of shamanic work is to know and build a relationship with our power animals. Without them, we cannot get the grounding & guidance that is essential for any spiritual work. At birth we are given two power animals, those animals will follow us all our lives to guide us, teach us, heal us. Often also on our journey, we will receive other animals to help us temporarily deal with a specific situation.

In this ceremony we will learn:

- Why shamanic journeying is essential

- The different tools that can support journeying

- The fundamentals around shamanic journeying

- The differences between the various world we can explore (lower world, upper world)

- The different type of power animals

=> and we will take 3 to 4 shamanic journeys with the sound of a shamanic drum to go meet/discover our power animals and start listening to their wisdom.

Cost: $45

SEATING LIMITED to 12 people

BOOK ASAP at (Mention Power Animal Shamanic Ceremony in comments)