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Shamanic Training (One-on-One / In Person)

  • The Sanctuary 132 Hospital Road Callicoon, NY, 12723 United States (map)

I am training 3 to 5 students every year one-on-one. The curriculum is based on individual needs and path. There is no set structure but require a dedication of the student for this path. It is an important investment in time and dedication and allows each student to have a lot of time with me, online and in person.


Here are the main component of the schedule:

- 8 Monthly Class (4 in-person and 4 online)

- 4 weekends a year in person (in the Catskills, NY) with land work, prayers, plant medicine, prayers, etc

- Permanent access to support from the teacher

Here are some samples of the work we will do together:

  • Shamanic tools (creation of the tools, use of tools, etc)

  • Feathers, Bones, prayers, collection, and traditional use

  • Shamanic journeying (technics, practices, traditional use of journeying, exploration of the different world)

  • Soul retrieval, entity extractions, soul entanglement. Learning the different technics and practices.

  • Herbalism, Plant tinctures, Foraging (technics, preparation, use, and expansion for the creation of your own medicine preparation)

  • Sacred Plants (Tobacco, Cedar, Sage, Mugwort). Collection, preparation, traditional use.

  • Plant Medicine (Shamanic ceremonies, teaching of the concept needed (Altar, Fire, Prayers, Songs, Holding Space, Integration)

  • Understanding and work with the different elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)

  • Animal Spirit / Totem Animals (Understanding, Meeting your animals, working with them, and developing a relationship for your development and work)

  • Walking the land, connecting and communicating with lands (including rivers, mountain, ...). Awakening the Spirit of the land and be welcomed by them.

  • Altar. The different component of the Altar. Building your own Altar. Praying and working with your Altar.

  • Sacred Water. Understanding how to make holy water for specific use during shamanic work and ceremony.

  • Drum (and other instruments). The shamanic drum. It's use in healing, protection, and guidance. Deep dive in drumming, singing, calling / channeling sacred songs.

Those are only some elements of the curriculum. For more information and if you are interested, email me