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Optimal Sex Life & Deep Intimacy Workshop

  • The Sanctuary 132 Hospital Road Callicoon, NY, 12723 (map)

With Aaron Michael

At The Sanctuary, Callicoon, NY

Wielding Pleasure in the act of Arousal, Pleasure and Sex.

This unique 3-days’ workshop will be taught for the first time in the United States by Aaron Michael who has helped 100s of men & women to get a happier & more fulfilled life by optimizing one of the most essential parts of their life - their SEX LIFE.


Through his unique technics combining breath work, body movement, sound, and touch to de-armor your body, he is able to guide any individual into reconnecting deeply with the intimate sensations of pleasure throughout their full body.

This is not just about sex and sexual pleasure but is all about being able to feel our aliveness and the world fully, opening to receive, and learning to give, through the joyful capacity of all our senses and body.

This workshop will open gateways in your body to step fully into life beyond what you have ever experienced by using the incredible potential of your sexual energy.


This is a clothed workshop for learning to explore and embody yourself sexually, on your own and with a partner. There is nothing wrong with nudity but for this workshop the minimal clothing requirement will be underwear bottoms. This is not a sex party. The workshop is for those couples who wish to learn about celebrating sex on their own as well as with a partner in a most profound way.

You will learn how to naturally activate the release of pain, sensitization of numbness and exploration of pleasure in your body and with your partner via a technique called de-armoring.

From both solo and partner exercises to group teachings, as well as group sharings and Q&A you will gain skills to navigate experiencing your optimal sex life and discover that physical intimacy and pleasure with our partner can be, not just complementary, but a supplement to one another.

Center Yourself Sexually

Unlock Your Pleasure Potential

Become an Active Participation in the Act of Receiving Pleasure

Learn a method rift with tips, techniques and “Ah ha!” moments to take what can be misconceived as the basics of breath, voice, movement, and touch that leads to a wholly “other” dynamic and interaction around intimacy, sex, where communication becomes more natural, response more able and sex more arousing.

All this with clothes on, learn how to activate and take ownership of your pleasure, and learn how to share that experience with others.



Day 1 (10AM - 6PM) : Opening ceremony and self-work

Opening Ceremony

Group Introduction

Group Bonding


Sensory Work (breath, movement, voice)

Touch Work (touch techniques)

Day 2 (10AM - 9PM) : Working on others

Morning Practice


Joint Sensory Practice Following voice, breath, and movement of another person



Demo Practice

Surrendering the Body

Demo Practice

Active Receiver

Demo Active

Receiver Practice


Guiding the body into release with Touch and Technique De-armoring Touch and Technique Demo Touch and Technique Practice

Day 3 (10AM - 5PM) : Collaboration in couples and closing circle

Morning Practice



Rotating the Body


Partner Movement

Breath and Voice Coordination with clear lead and follow

Demo Practice

Free flow with touch techniques incorporated

Closing circle


Booking (Limited to 18 people)

Includes teaching & private coaching for 3 days, Demo Couple Assistant Support

Individual Normal Price $799 / SPECIAL DISCOUNT $500

Couple Normal Price $1499 / SPECIAL DISCOUNT $800

Email to book at

Your Guide & Coach


Aaron Michael is a bodyworker and sex coach.

He teaches women, men, and couples how to optimize their sex life for pleasure and intimacy.

He is passionate about providing adults an avant-garde sex education beyond talk therapy.

When he is not making video courses, writing a book, giving personal sessions, or running international workshops, he enjoys physical fitness, cooking, and researching new material with his wife . . . inside and out of the bedroom.


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