Ceremony Integration Support CommUnity

If you have found yourself here reading this you may be a ceremonialist, as are those who created this offering.
We are glad you found your way here.

Through decades of personal growth and ceremonial experiences that span the globe, Antonio and Angell - the founders of this integrative offering - recognize that when the ceremony ends, the ripples of growth and desire to understand that growth does not. Those ripples of awakening actually last a lifetime. And thus, the need for support, connection, and the continued integration of our deep experiences also deserve extended loving attention.

For those of us answering the call of the Soul that brings us into ceremony and personal growth experiences, it can be easy to fall into the 'weekend warrior syndrome' in our modern, fast-paced, consumer entrained lifestyle. If we choose to truly honor the ceremonial depth experiences we are embracing, having a tribe that we can share with and learn from is the way to honor such experiences and continue to learn and grow from them for a lifetime.

As an answer to this apparent need, you are invited to come together with fellow ceremonial beings for a regular commUnity connection and integration call to drop in, share from the heart, and continue to deepen our learning and growing together as we all do the best we can to live this one wild and precious gift of life.


Ultimately, we are all walking each other homes. Good to be walking by your side.

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Angell & Antonio

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