In the energy work, I really have discovered that "certifications" are not the most important. They can guide, help, but ultimately are not where our Path is.

Our path is revealed to us. 

It is unique to you, me, everyone.  

It is a process of remembering something we already know, it will ARISE Itself from & out of us, into our conscious mind, it's about tools we already used, wisdom we already had. It's just about remembering. 

So my more important certifications?

I believe they are: The daily sacred habits, a clean local & home made diet, the daily inner work of remembering, the constant gratitude for what I have, the never ending self-healing, the embodiment of self-Love & compassion for the struggle of others, the time spent seeking new Truth in silence, the opening to the wisdom of mother Nature, and the constant surrender to the greatest Truth of all: I do not Know anything.


Meditation Teacher Certified - World Yoga Center, NYC

Reiki Level 1 Certificate - Dharamsala India

Reiki Level 2 Certificate - Dharamsala India

Reiki Master Level Certificate - New York City

Medical Reiki Master Certificate - New York City

Certificate of Ordination - Ordained Christian Minister

The Way of the Shaman® - The Foundation For Shamanic Study

Shamanic Extraction Healing® - The Foundation For Shamanic Study

The Great Shamanic Initiation - Omega Center

Registered as Member of the Oratory of Mystical Sacraments (Branch of Oklevueha Lakota Sioux Nation Native American Church (ONAC)

Shamanic Training with Huachumero Miguel Mendiburu Saavedra (Pisac, Peru, Sacred Valley)

Breathwork Practitionner (Alchemy of Breath School, London UK)

Self-Cervix Practitioner (Certification October 2018)