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Deep Medicine
For Those Seeking Beyond…

In the evolving journey of spiritual discovery, there are paths less traveled—paths that lead to profound healing, understanding, and connection. These paths beckon the deeply committed seekers, those who dare to explore both the darkness and the light.


It is with great reverence and intention that I introduces "Deep Medicine," a monthly guidepost designed to embrace you in this sacred exploration. Released in alignment with each New Moon, "Deep Medicine" is your invitation to journey beyond the veil.


What is Deep Medicine?

Deep Medicine is a monthly letter curated with the utmost care and spiritual intention. It aims to support, guide, and illuminate your path. Each edition is a tapestry of shamanic wisdom designed to nurture your relationship with the spiritual, ancestral, and natural worlds.

The letter is released monthly on the New Moon. It will be your guide for the moon cyle and month for your practice, your prayers, and the depth of your shamanic work.

Through "Deep Medicine"
you will receive on each New Moon

A Shamanic Transmission

This transmission comes from my shamanic work and prayer, where I connect to the land, my spiritual guides, my teachers, and the new moon, asking for a guidance & teachings we need to receive to guide the month ahead.

A Shamanic Teaching

I bring one shamanic teaching that is useful for shamanic practitioners, seekers, mystics, healers, and those on the path of spiritual discovery. The teaching could be on an element, a direction, a particular sentient being, etc.

A Ritual

I offer one ritual to be explored during that month. That ritual will serve as a base for you to build a deep relationship with rituals and as a foundation to build your own ritual, to be guided but also inspired to weave from this offering.

A Prayer

A shamanic / animist prayer will support the work for the month and will weave some of the previous elements to call for support from your own allies, guides, ancestors, lands, etc.

Journal Inquiries

I provide a list of inquiries for your daily meditation/journaling practice that month to guide your spiritual work during that moon cycle.

A community of support

As a member of DEEP MEDICINE, you will have access to a private online community of all other practitioners who are receiving this offer. This is where you can share & deepen your medicine.

Who is Deep Medicine For?

Deep Medicine" is crafted for the soulful explorer deeply committed to their spiritual practice.


  • Spiritual seekers yearning for deeper understanding and connection.

  • Healers, teachers, and medicine people dedicated to serving communities, the land, and others.

  • Those willing to engage with both their shadows and light in pursuit of healing and wholeness.

  • Practitioners seeking to enhance their relationship with shamanic wisdom and practices.

  • Anyone on the Spiritual Path looking for monthly guidance and support in their work

Why Subscribe to "Deep Medicine?
Joining "Deep Medicine" offers you:


Monthly wisdom to navigate your spiritual journey with intention and clarity.


A deeper bond with the natural and spiritual worlds, enhancing your personal practice.


A sense of belonging among like-minded individuals, all committed to their path of discovery and healing.


Tools and teachings that facilitate personal development, healing, and spiritual insight.


Teachings, Wisdom and community are the elements to deepen our medicine and practice


All the unseen teachings ready to come to you will be revealed through this offering


How often will I receive "Deep Medicine"? "Deep Medicine" will be delivered to your inbox every New Moon.

Is "Deep Medicine" suitable for beginners? While "Deep Medicine" is accessible to all, it is specifically designed for those with a serious commitment to their spiritual journey.

How can I subscribe? Go to [Subscribe here] to begin receiving "Deep Medicine". Simply enter your details and join us in honoring the sacred cycle of the moon and the deepening of your Medicine.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? Yes, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription whenever you wish. Our hope, however, is that "Deep Medicine" becomes a cherished and valuable part of your spiritual journey.

How long will I have access to the content? The content you received during your subscription is yours for lifetime access. You will keep all the teachings, rituals, prayers, and magic!

Can I get a refund? Once you have paid for the month subscription you will receive the monthly DEEP MEDICINE content and that month is non-refundable.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

"Deep Medicine" is more than a subscription—it's an invitation to deepen your connection with the world unseen and to walk with intention and wisdom.


Let each New Moon mark the beginning of a journey that guides, heals, and transforms.


Join Angell Deer on this sacred path, and discover the deep medicine waiting for you.

Join now!

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