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BodyLove 10-day Challenge
BodyLove 10-day Challenge

Mon, Jan 01



BodyLove 10-day Challenge

A 10-day virtual challenge that will help you connect with and love on your beautiful body as we enter into 2024

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Time & Location

Jan 01, 2024, 10:00 AM EST – Jan 10, 2024, 10:00 AM EST



About the Event

I’m so excited for you to join Body Love! Starting January 1st, you’ll be inundated with messages telling you all the things that are wrong with your body.

How you need to buy this and that product to become skinnier, prettier, and more desirable - all of it is absolute BS!

We’ve been handed so many lies! Our bodies are so good, worthy, and beautiful and need more love, care, compassion, and presence over anything else.

We live in a mind-over-matter culture. However, everything I’ve learned, studied, and experienced along my journey has shown how little this kind of mentality serves us. Our bodies are so wise, sending us messages throughout the day, informing us of how they truly feel.

But we’ve learned how to override these knowings, falling into the trappings of what our culture tells us is the standard of beauty and we’re paying, majorly, for it. It’s leading to more sickness, chronic pain, and prescription drugs that keep us from actually feeling our feelings and getting to the root cause of our problems. 

Our bodies are screaming louder and louder every day. As my dear sister, Jamie Lee Finch, likes to say, “Loud bodies are such loving bodies”. They’re yelling in pain (emotionally and physically) because we’re not inside of them. We’re not listening to them. This has been and continues to be my daily work.

I left my body at a very young age because of the trauma I experienced in my childhood, after dying in a car accident in my teens and dealing with debilitating chronic pain for over 20 years. I’ve come to realize how I was never truly in my body. I’ve done everything possible to deny, numb, avoid, and shame my emotions, and I believed my body hated me, so I hated my body right back - which only made my pain so much worse. As we know, the body keeps the score.

But this pain sent me on the holiest journey of coming back into my body and learning how to honor and love this beautiful vessel I get to embody in this life.

Over the past few weeks, I thought about how heartbreaking this conditioning is, as I’ve been on my own journey of unlearning these limiting stories for many years now. So as my own little form of resistance to the capitalist standard of beauty, I decided to create a BodyLove 10-day Challenge.

Here’s the thing, all our brain wants is to be proven right. If we’ve been conditioned to believe we need to look a certain way to be desirable or lovable, then all of the marketing that we’re bombarded with, telling us we need to use this cream, this makeup, this diet, this exercise plan, this surgery to be desired, chosen and loved, then all of these commercials and people pushing shit to you on Instagram to change yourself, will feel so true.

Because you’ve already been conditioned to believe it. Your brain will see all this messaging and will use it to “prove” that something’s wrong with you and your body. This is so heartbreaking to me.

For this challenge, I’ve invited 9 incredible embodiment teachers, healers, and movement specialists to share their journeys and practices of embodiment with you.

Each day, for 10 days, you’ll receive an email featuring one of these teachers and they will share their inspiration, stories, and practices with you as a way to help you connect deeper with your beautiful body. 

Each email will also include a short Q&A for you to learn more about them and their work, and to receive practical tools to help support you on your journey of returning back to the body. This is a completely free offering, with no invitation to buy anything at the end. It’s truly my own small way of combating all the lies we’re inundated with day in and day out, especially in the new year.

 What You’ll Need: 

  • 15 minutes each day for the daily practice

 What You’ll Leave With:

  • Practical tools to continue helping you connect with your body
  • Wisdom and guidance from 10 body-based coaches, shamans, healers, and creatrixes
  • Daily resources including recommended books, podcasts, and more

Ready to step into the challenge?

I believe this is such holy work, and hope you’ll join us for these sweet 10 days of BODY LOVE! My hope and intention with this challenge is that it’ll be a way to start your day filled with the truth of how good and holy your body is, with practices that help you embody that truth. A gift to you for this new year.

With so much love,

Ruthie Lindsey

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