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Rune Initiation (Norse Shamanism) - 6-week course
Rune Initiation (Norse Shamanism) - 6-week course

Wed, Aug 30


Zoom Video Class

Rune Initiation (Norse Shamanism) - 6-week course

This 6-week course offers an introduction to runic study as we cover the 24 Elder Futhark Runes.

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Time & Location

Aug 30, 2023, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

Zoom Video Class


About the Event

This 6-week course offers an introduction to runic study as we cover the 24 Elder Futhark Runes. Each week, we will learn 4 runes in the alphabet and how to read them with an interpretation of their symbolism and meaning in a reading followed by a journey to receive a personal connection and message from them. 

You will be encouraged to carve your own set of runes as well as receive guidance on how to create your own runic signature.

The Elder Futhark runes are the oldest form of runes, dating back just over 2,000 years. This is a sacred language that can be called upon for divination and magic, protection, medicine and healing, communication, and guidance. When you hear the calling to take up the runes and this path, you will begin to form your own relationship and line of dialogue with them, the gods, your ancestors, and guardian spirits. They are an extremely powerful gift, direct in their messages and demand our respect as we go within to listen and solve the riddles they have set. 

This initiation is more than simply learning the magic of the runes, it is also a path of self-discovery, deep listening, awakening and activating ancient DNA, and beginning to walk and choose this path of medicine. 

As a group, the runes will be consulted to guide the collective soul questions that arise. Rose will chant them in journeys which will allow you to go deeper into trance to receive their messages and wisdom, and you will dive deeply into the many symbols they can represent so that you gain a diverse way of interacting with them. 

With this initiation, you are always free to ask Rose questions between classes via email. This initiation also includes a 30-minute mentoring call should you wish to schedule one. If you would like a personal/private reading or support beyond what is offered, you may book a private session with Rose.

Dates: Wednesdays from 7 to 9 PM EST, August 30th - October 4th


About Rose Wollf

I am a shamanic practitioner, witch, and devoted to the wonders and rediscovery of magic. Deeply immersed in the realm of Norse medicine and myth, I am both a student and teacher, passionately working to facilitate a profound connection between individuals and their inner wisdom, unlocking the potential of ancient DNA to empower the path of sovereignty, authenticity, ancestral kinship, and harmony with the earth.

To facilitate this transformative journey, I draw upon a diverse array of tools, including the potent wisdom of the Elder Futhark Runes, the sacred ogham, crystalline energies, the healing power of plants, and sacred herbs. These invaluable resources guide and protect, offering insight and support for those who seek it. Utilizing the power of my voice and the rhythmic beat of the drum, I skillfully navigate others through shamanic journeying, bridging the gap between the seen and unseen realms.

Moreover, I am a licensed hypnotherapist and a certified Crystal Dreaming practitioner, employing this shamanic healing modality that utilizes precisely aligned stones to open gateways into profound shifts in consciousness. As a medicine woman, my purpose is to serve as a conduit, a guide, and a sacred space holder, fostering a secure environment and passage for individuals to unearth their own inner voice, intuition, and healing potential.

A poet, storyteller, and devoted teacher, I am driven by a deep-seeded desire to restore the ancient, mythical ways of connection through the intricate interplay of language, sound, and imagination. In recognizing the transformative power of writing as a tool for alchemy and personal growth, I am dedicated to supporting those who feel inhibited in this sacred art. Holding an MFA in poetry and an MA in education, I have directed my passion and mission toward the realm of children and the transformation of education itself. This journey led me to found The Wizard School, a vision and destiny that beckoned to me over a decade ago. We provide an enchanting online universe that fosters connections with myth, nature, magic, shamanic practices, and indigenous traditions from across the globe, as well as an immersive forest school experience held at The Sanctuary.

In addition to this work, I am a mother, a wife, and a devoted steward of the land. Embracing this path has presented me with challenging and heart-breaking initiations, yet these trials have deepened my connection to my own truth, healing abilities, and the wise mentors who have guided me along this sacred journey. I am particularly grateful for Jeremy White, an esteemed Norse Vitki, who has graciously imparted his teachings, stories, and guided my ancestral exploration through these ancient ways. My gratitude also extends to my teacher, Jude Smith, for empowering me and illuminating my gifts during arduous times.

Furthermore, I cherish the invaluable wisdom imparted by the indigenous elders and medicine people who I’ve had the privilege to sit amongst. Last but not least, I owe immeasurable gratitude to my beloved son, whose presence has been an invaluable gift and guiding light, as well as my husband, my original teacher, whose unwavering belief, encouragement, and loving reflection have been a constant source of inspiration and growth.


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