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UnF*CK Your Relationship - A couple retreat
UnF*CK Your Relationship - A couple retreat

Fri, Jul 21


The Sanctuary

UnF*CK Your Relationship - A couple retreat

A 3-day retreat for couple who wish to (re)birth deep intimacy

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Time & Location

Jul 21, 2023, 10:00 AM EDT – Jul 23, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT

The Sanctuary, 132 Hospital Rd, Callicoon, NY 12723, USA

About the Event

What if your relationship becomes the greatest SOURCE of energy and aliveness, rather than a drain?

What if you could stop fighting the same fight over and over again?

And instead, use moments of conflict as an opportunity to connect deeper.

What if instead of feeling you need to compromise in order to leave space for your partner, your relationship can become the place where you both get to become your authentic selves in a way that you couldn’t alone? 

Intimacy exists to create life– both literally and metaphorically.

We evolved to feel the most joyful feelings in intimacy– pleasure, fun, lust, romance, love, and attachment– to reward us for being on the right path.

This is also why intimacy triggers some of our most painful feelings and defensive mechanisms.

But if we can understand the natural laws behind these primal feelings, we can navigate our relationship to become our greatest place of rejuvenation, inspiration and passion.

That is union; to come together and BE more than we’re capable of alone. To be for EACH OTHER what we can’t be for ourselves. And therefore to create space for the other to shine where they shine best. That is what it means to “create life”.

This 3-day retreat will help create this dynamic in your relationship.

This retreat will bring you the tools to help you understand why we fall out of balance within a relationship, and what you can do to fall back into balance.


Both Ruwan and Nalaya had been working in the field of intimacy and relationships for over a decade before they got together. Their intrigue for the mystery of love and the opposing-complimentary aspects of man-woman-relating is what allowed them to build a strong foundation for their marriage.

Ruwan is originally from New York City, Nalaya from The Netherlands, they met in Peru once upon a time, had their first baby in Thailand and now reside in Mexico.

The mix of international and cultural influences are at the base of what they teach. In this retreat, you can expect both some shamanic rituals, tantric practices as well as other embodiment practices that help break through blockages in a playful, fun way.


Day 1: Clearing and Forgiveness

ON the first day we will focus on clearing any negative or destructive patterns that are present in your relationship. You could see it as pulling out the weeds, preparing the soil, so that on day 2 you can together plant new seeds. 

Without this foundational work, we cannot move forward. Often there is lingering residue present from the past that is impacting the way unwanted defense mechanisms are expressed. The only way to heal is to be fully witnessed by your partner and find forgiveness together. True forgiveness.

  • Opening sacred space
  • Group sharing
  • Principles of “Natural Relating”
  • Interrupt negative feedback loops in the relationship
  • Heal and address defense mechanisms as individuals
  • Learn to “see the world through our partner’s eyes” as a basis for connection and intuition
  • Symmetrical relating exercises for opening up and better communication
  • Flower bath
  • Fire ritual

Day 2: Play and Polarity

Your relationship is meant to be fun and full of ease. When we know how to play, we can learn how to navigate difficult moments better in the future.

Through sexy, playful practices we will explore and accentuate the masculine nature of the man and the feminine nature of the woman. This will allow you to feel in your body what it means to step into polarity. From a conceptual point it's easy to grasp what that means, but to actually live it within your partnership… that is what you’ll be exploring and reconstructing with your partner.

  • Embodiment morning practice
  • Group sharing
  • Men with men group exercises to explore individual impulses
  • Women with women group exercises to explore individual impulses
  • Breaking free from “transactional relating”
  • Sensual practices to heighten polarity and play with tension
  • How to “fight” for fun and connection
  • Tantric exercises– physical and non-physical
  • Suggested love-making ritual to be done in private

Day 3: Union and Co-Creating Reality

Union is not equality. We are not meant to contribute the same. Union can only exist when we recognize that each one brings something unique that allows for easeful growth. You are meant to thrive in your individual power, which, by nature, will compliment and uplift your partner and the relationship as a whole.

The final day of this retreat, we will focus on integrating all that you have discovered and uncovered during this weekend. If there is anything unresolved or unclear, we will ensure to give it attention, as well as provide tools for each individual couple to take home.

  • Embodiment morning practice
  • Building a combined vision
  • Individual attention for each couple
  • Ceremony of new promises
  • Closing ritual


This retreat is open to 6 couples only. We like to keep things intimate so that we can address everyone's personal needs.

Price: $955 per couple (includes retreat and meals, does not include lodging). You can stay in local hotels and airbnb or camp on the land (possible through our partner HipCamp - Request link to book after booking the retreat).

You are welcome to a free introduction call with us. Click here [] to schedule our call.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Retreat Deposit for 1 couple

    The retreat cost is $955 / couple - Tickets deposit are non-refundable. Balance to be paid upon arrival in person.




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