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2020 - Our wishes & Prayer

Every year we reflect on the seeds we had planted last spring, what grew, what needed more care, what we harvested, and what we wish to grow together for the upcoming year. This new offering of The Sanctuary keeps deepening, as I deepen my own connection to Nature and Spirit, and is centered on the values we embody at The Sanctuary.

Community - Compassion - Creation - Care

Those values allow us to serve our mission to offer a place for authentic shamanic healing, ancestral healing, trauma healing, holistic care and deep remembering of a way of life that is recognizing the interconnectedness of all lives.

As the world faces very large challenges we believe in the necessity of each individual to rise in their power, take meaningful actions, and deepen their heart and soul connection.

We believe in the sacredness and interconnectedness of all lives.

It is a path we are walking alone together.

2020 will be a year of deepening our connection to our bodies, our connection to our calling, our connection to our prayers, our connection to Nature, our connection to our ancestors, our connection to our lands, our connection to each other.

There is no more time to wait to discover and embody our loving self.

The Earth is weeping at the suffering of her children.

So it is my prayer, our prayer at The Sanctuary, that everything we offer will genuinely and deeply support you to shift the old stories and holding blocs that you have experience in your life.

Another way of living and relating is possible. We have to come into Unity. We are doing it. Come join us!

With all my Love,

Angell Deer

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