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A Cow with more wisdom than any self-help book!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Letting go... Probably one of the hardest thing to do on the path to Self-transformation. Knowing when to do it. Worries often come in and we become so attached to controlling the outcome that we lose touch with the reality. Worry will never help. Yet often we add this layer to life. Unconsciously allowing it to take over our wellbeing and joy. Letting it build days after days, weeks after weeks. Until it becomes this big jail we have created for our-self.

But soon we have to discover a hard truth. We will have to let go of the worry, we will have to let go of the should have / would have / could have... So when is it time? Now is the time.

In this moving story, a cow taught a farmer "worry" was not helping. It taught him it was time to let go. She had that knowing.

As we dive into Nature, into our true Nature beyond our small Ego self, we can all tap into that wisdom, and live our life with more Grace, more Love, more Joy. Everytime I take a walk around The Sanctuary, on the Delaware river, everytime I sit with my trees, they gently remind me to allow the flow of life to go through me, as a river goes down the mountain, without resistance, with excitement! Everytime I take a client for a transformation work, I take him/her into that place of wisdom.

We are also creating this as part of the Awakened Leadership workshops we do for corporations.

Read how Maggie the cow might have more wisdom for you than any psychology / self-help book...!


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