A moment of Grace

The bliss of peace seemed too short again Before I could rest and recover what they call sanity Here was back the self-hatred and the devouring monsters of my twisted mind

Back in that familiar place of endless despair Where the tighten body and the shorten breath Brought me back on my bruised knees accepting the senselessness of it all The Earth gently drinking my blood and tears

I know it too well this place of annihilation This alive death where Love is a distant memory A fading perfume in a windy storm Drowning in the thick blackness of the old stories

Will I escape if I even tried? Why would I try again knowing there was no escape I grasped my teary face with my shaking fist Screaming in silence at my pitiful state

Was anything left of me in this shorter breath? Maybe just an idea of what could have been If only I knew another way If only I believed in my broken ways

I could have called for help Who will answer such a desperate and insane scream?

So I was calling death with all my pain As I knew death was loyal and faithful, always is

But only God answered, by giving me breath for all my shame So I had no other way but to pray my way into the darkest night of my broken days

God was smiling at me and my ugly ways He told me that my shame and pain was the only way Into His love for my broken ways

And so I prayed to love those ways

Until a moment of Grace took it all away

Angell Deer

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