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A prayer, A call to action

Oh, the sorrow that fills my heart, As I bear witness to the flames that tear apart, The forest, where once life thrived and shone, Now reduced to ash and bone.

The grief and pain, they run so deep, For the cause, we know, is ours to keep, Our greed, our ignorance, our endless need, That has disconnected us, from nature’s seed.

This devastation, it whispers loud, Of the troubled relationship we have avowed, With the world that gives and sustains, A bond broken, that now requires mending and refrains.

But hope, it lingers still, As I hear the call, a beckoning thrill, To honor the web of all life on earth, To renew, restore, and give birth.

Oh, the work ahead is vast and grand, As we weave anew, a sacred strand, To build a world that’s just and fair, Where nature, humans, all life, can share.

So let us call a prayer today, To walk the path, in love’s gentle sway, To care, protect, and embrace, The world that we are part of, and its grace.

For in this journey, so brave and true, We shall find the courage, to see anew, The beauty, the wonder, the sacredness of life, And live in harmony, amidst all strife. Angell Deer

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