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Ancient Cosmology & Medicine Path with Marita One Who Catches Lightning.

Marita and I went into a deep dive into some of the essence of the medicine path. Beyond and behind the visible or the heart-lifting steps, there are many steps that are much more difficult, heartbreaking, challenging, and humbling.

From the deep daily connection to land, the sacred ancient practice of planting seeds, to the radical responsibility and vulnerability, we can find in this exploration we took together some immense and invaluable nuggets of wisdom.

In this replay of our time with Marita One Who Catches Lightning (they/them) we allowed ourselves the space to become the medicine, and remember our relationship to time, creation, and the cosmos through the Mayan calendar.

We explore fascinating subjects like:

  • Building relationships with the invisible world

  • Learning authentically from the natural world

  • Calling the teacher and what it takes to stay with the teacher

  • Radical responsibility and humility

  • The power of ancient calendars and their roles in our fate and destiny

  • The difficult processes and steps into the Medicine Path

  • The stories of cacao, corn & seeds and their role in our sacred work

  • The deep teachings of Ancient Cosmology

  • And the long process of remembering & forgetting...

Our ancestors and who we are are not only in our dreams or in our remembering but we exist as well in the forgetting. Remembering takes time and vision and so all beings have found an example or a system or an observational language they have to relate to the passing of their journey.

This spark inspired the creation of calendars as they relate to time, cycles, the cosmos, and creation as can be seen in the lineages of the Olmeca, Maya, Zapotec, Aztecs, and many more mesoamerican cultures.

Join us in this exploration, let yourself receive and feel, and let those seeds Marita planted for us grow deep and slow... So you can remember how to forget.

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Watch the video replay here or listen to the AUDIO on our Podcast on all podcast platforms. Podcast links at

Marita offers a 6-month journey with cacao and the cosmology of Mesoamerica for those called by the medicina of cacao, maize, and the earth, and just as equally the stars, the cosmos, the galactic element of creation. More info at

About Marita, One Who Catches Lightning:

Their lineage is Zapotec Sephardine and their metaphysical and spiritual training includes work in the Lakota, Mayan, Aztec, Apache, and Hopi traditions, working with Mayan Calendar, Ascended Masters, past life regression, clearing and working with energy centers (chakras), ancestral healing, working with crystals and plant medicines, mediumship, clearing and protection of places/spaces, spiritual contracts, inner child work, and working with oracular card decks.

Chosen before birth for the Medicine Path, they have been trained ever since, and teach various subjects with the permission and at the request of the elders they have apprenticed with throughout their life. Their specialty is weaving these esoteric and mystical traditions and teaching those on the medicine path to living in deep and intentional relationships with creation.

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