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Anything is a blessing

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Your body that woke up this morning Your breath that's moving your life Your heart that keeps beating your rhythm Your legs that allows you to walk on this Earth Your hands that can give and hold and heal Your eyes that can see the beauty of Life Your home that is a sacred nest for your life Your family that loves you in their own way Your ancestors that made so much sacrifice for you to be here Your land that holds your steps at all time Your skills that are a gift to the world Your teachers that have gifted you knowledge and growth

The trees who breathe to help you breath The flowers who give their perfume and beauty for your soul The food you eat who keeps your body Healthy The air you share with all the relations around you The waters who keep your body and spirit flowing and clear The sky that keeps watching upon you The moon who send her prayer to you every night The sun who keeps your fire warm and going

Your life who is a precious unique gift Your soul who carries so much more than you can imagine

If you breathe with a full open breath, have healthy food in your plate, a roof above your head, someone to Love, a good prayer that keeps your fire alive, a purpose you are aiming at, a fiery desire and strong will and capacity to serve others, then you have realized that you are blessed and are the blessing.

Be Grateful Be Thankful Be Joy Be Love Be Blessed Be the Blessing

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