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Are you a good gardener of your Heart and Soul?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Are you a good gardener of your Heart and Soul?

Tuesday, March 20th, at 12.15PM EST, will be the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere (Fall Equinox in the Southern hemisphere). I will be hiking the mountains of Peru, bringing prayers to the Spirits. What will you do?

The equinoxes have been celebrated for 1000s of years all across the globe. It is still a major celebration in most Persian countries, as it corresponds to their new year (Nowruz). Our ancestors in Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Americas, always saw the coming of Spring as a time of new beginning. A time where we can be even more intentional around the garden of our Hearts.

The first step to “jump into” the Equinox is to look at what we want to let go.

What have we cultivated this past year in our lives? What have we harvested? Do we like the whole harvest or part of it? Did we plant the right thing last year? Did we let “bad weed” grow? Have we been putting too much energy into conflict, separation, anger, fear, lack? Do we still have too much self-blame, self-judgment, lack of self-love, of self-care?

Get ready for tomorrow by writing on a paper what you would like to let go. And on the day of the Equinox burn this paper and let go of those emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, stories which don’t serve you anymore. Let them go with LOVE and gratitude as they have served your growth, your awakening, and brought you to the realization that change is necessary.

The second step is to select the “seed” you want to plant in your life, in your heart.

Do I want to plant more Joy? Happiness? Self-Love? Self-Care? Peace? Abundance? Authenticity? Service to others? Healed relationships? Which seeds will best serve me in this new year?

And like any great gardener or farmer, visualize yourself planting those seeds in the fertile soil of your Heart (see meditation below).

A good way to do this is also to use a few seeds and put all your intentions in it. And to plant them in your garden or in a pot in your home. So you will have to attend to them daily. And it will be a POWERFUL reminder of your intentions everytime you care for them, see them, watch them grow, talk to them...

Seeds, EVEN IF THEY HOLD all they need to become a plant or tree, need care, love, nurturing to germinate and grow. Will you care for those fragile new seeds?

So, in the same way as a gardener would do, look at your schedule and create a time/space during your days/weeks to attend to your inner garden.

Nothing grows without attention, care, and a daily dose of Love.

As the Equinox happens, the days and night length become equal and soon days becomes longer than night. It is therefore also the return of the Light that we celebrate.

A fiery time of expansion.

Holding a clear intent, a clear vision on our projects, our life, will greatly help those materialized.

So are you ready to be reborn? Are you ready to step into a new You?

Because the time is NOW!

I recorded a special Equinox Meditation to help you those coming days step into that portal of expansion:

Happy gardening!

Shawinigan Ungaia / The Sanctuary

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