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Awakened Leadership™, Finding happiness & life purpose - Gauthereau Group

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

For those of you who are in New Jersey, I will be speaking Wednesday at the Morris Tech Meetup, Fairleigh Dickinson University on Awakened Leadership™, Finding happiness & life purpose. More about this event at:

Guillaume is a dynamic motivational speaker and CEO of the Gauthereau Group. The Gauthereau Group’s is a socially responsible organization whose vision is to co-create a better world through helping to transform individuals and organizations to meet a higher purpose. Guillaume has received global media recognition for his achievements and been featured on FOX News, CNN, CBS, CNBC, BFM, Huffington Post, The Independent, Forbes and Portfolio. He has been an invited speaker at elite academic institutions including Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, INSEAD Alumni and Parsons School of Design.

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