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Bat Wisdom & Shamanic Journeying

She came out of nowhere Going to somewhere

She came with a message for me She came with her wisdom for us

You have to let go of the past You have to open your wings to fly You can learn to make the V of victory with your wings You can learn to see in the dark You can survive the long winter You can see life clearly once you have been upside down

I am your companion on this road I am your whisperer of ancient wisdom

Let me initiate you to the ancient rite of Truth Let me initiate you to the ancient rite of Love

There was thousands of us flying for you when you were born There are millions of us flying every night for all of you

In the temple of your Heart, we fly with ease and Joy, In the temple of your Soul, we light the Way

And so you can return to seed the Earth in peace With the seed of Love you were given by us And so you can return to Love the Earth in Joy With the power of the Great Divine you always were

Shawinigan Ungaia @ The Sanctuary

Bat Spirit Animal Meaning

The bat symbolism, in this case, is almost always putting you on notice of a significant change in your life. Explicitly, you are being asked to pay attention to the signs that are surrounding you. In this case, these clues could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Bat symbolism signifies the death of some part of you that no longer serves your higher calling. Therefore, follow through on new ideas, hunches and even emotions that are unfamiliar to you. In essence, this change may be somewhat painful if you forestall it. However, be aware that if you embrace it, the universe will make every attempt to make these changes as easy as possible for you.

Knowing your Spirit Animal, and how to take shamanic journeys

This can provide deep insight/wisdom for your life. It can also allow you to cure ailments, regain mental clarity, and open Spiritual guidance. I have guided 100s of students in the last 5 years on this practice and I am always amazed at what is revealed...

Reach out if you are interested to explore this, it can be done as an online live session!

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