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Becoming Human

The true test is not whether you can access other realities, connect to other worlds, sit perfectly in ceremonies, know the proper prayer, or access the guidance of divine masters.

The true test is whether you can sustain the vibration of Love amid life's most painful experiences and struggles.

Can you feel that Love? Not the self-centered and co-dependent Love of romantic movies but a love much more painful and heartbreaking, one that lives on the broken edges of the self and the world. The only kind of Love that will lead you, me, and us, to true freedom and liberation.

A Love that is so hard to remember and yet present in the web of all there is and in the gaze of those tirelessly searching for it.

Angell Deer

Can you feel the full extent of the world's brokenness and your own in the same instant and not rush into any fixing?

Can you show up scared, wounded, and tired into the circle and gift your whole experience to be witnessed without pride or victimization?

Can you let the sweetness of Love and connections melt all the armored walls of pain built around your tender heart and deeply buried in your bones?

Can you meet with all your heart the troubling mystery of the not-knowing and the beauty of the infinite universe with the same joy as the decaying presence of your own fragile and dying skin?

Can you feel the presence and Love of God in the dirty dishes, the dying tree, the ugly cockroaches, and the smelly compost pile?

Can you gift the turmoil of your anger, confusion, and separation to your altar without expecting anything in return?

Can you just be content with the gift of today's breath without bringing any stories or desire for more?

Can you be so profoundly embodied as a human being that nothing else matters?

Can you be so committed to your humanity that you will never abandon it for the false identity of a flag, the temporary illusion of religion, or the violent supremacy power of an ideology?

Nothing will gift you more than this kind of presence and Love. Returning to your true oneness and belonging with your wild and pure essence.

You see, this business of being human is very serious and terribly heartbreaking, and nothing else will ever show you the truth of this world and the real meaning of your fragile life.

"Becoming Human" by Angell Deer 

February 2023

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