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Bee Mystical, remembering our sacred relationship with bees to discover the hive's shamanic secrets

In this interview with Tyler Richards & Angell Deer, we explore how our broken relationship with the wild world, and specifically the bees, had us losing the magical teachings and healing coming from the hive.

As we dive deeper into the world of bees, we are sharing with you some mystical aspects of bee colonies that we can only discover through a long deepening of our relationship with them.

Bee Shamanism is probably as ancient as humans coming into contact with those unique insects.

Enjoy the return to the bees, so you can experience the return to yourself.

Listen on all other Podcast Platforms, and search for "The Sanctuary, Shamanic Healing Center" on your favorite Podcast App.

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1 Comment

Lisa Rene
Lisa Rene
Jun 07, 2023

I am so excited to come to your shaman camp this summer & check out your apiary! I’ve had tough luck with our hives the last two years (first year my bees fled to the woods because of hive beetles & this year my bees were killed by a weird deep freeze). I absolutely love bees, and I plan on learning all about your awesome bee sanctuary. So excited!


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