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Born again

In a dying body can we truly be born again? I am told that each cell in my body is replaced Through a cosmic cycle every seven years So, I can say I was reborn seven times already

I was also told that each sun rise Brings new beginnings and possibilities So, under this rotating Earth ship I am a newborn colony of cells every morning

If there was any hope of rebirth that I could master I would call for new beginnings where I get to remember Again the sweetness of my Mother first wild embrace Again the return of friends long departed with the curiosity of this new light

The colonies of virus and bacteria that keep me alive Spinning in much faster cycles, are here to help me see The passing of time through the lenses of decaying and smell Informing my elusive and humble attempt to understand life

If I were born again, I would summon again the Nagual and mythical beast That carries the memories I need to live and attempt to remember Yet the deities and angels, in their kind embrace, will whisper songs And tales of eternal death and rebirth, to quiet my fearful mind

I would call the ones who left too early for a proper goodbye kiss And those who came too late, for an earlier supper. I would make sure to write down what is necessary to love For the simple to guide my wonder and quest And to erase what caused any thread of pain

Seven years. Seven songs. Seven directions. Seven lives. There are too many unknown mysteries for me to grasp The poor attempt of control over my destiny and fate To let the greater truth emerge again and again

As I am born again…

(C) Born Again by Angell Deer

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