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Breaking The Duality Between Spirituality and Money

I want to share a very personal story of pain & breakthrough and also talk about what I feel is “a monster in the room” in the spiritual community “Money is not Spiritual”.

But let’s start with the painful story. For years I worked as a CEO or entrepreneur and was blessed to make 6+ figures incomes. I also as some of you know raised over $45 millions for my own business. So yes, I knew how to do it but where was the impact? The meaning??? Blessed with abundant money, I spent that money (that energy) in often useless brands and objects that did not have any meaning beyond increasing a false sense of “safety & belonging” and creating a caged identity. A golden cage.

As I was making my transition years ago into a very different path, one of my fears (I had many) was how will I ever sustain myself with leaving this career and this “corporate/entrepreneur” world. I knew deep down inside my bones that this system I “belong” to or supported by spending my time/energy/effort towards was NOT the world I wanted to live in. And yet I keep staying because I needed the income, I needed the security, I needed the belonging AND I had a very dualistic view of abundance. Either you work hard for one of those big pay jobs, or you follow your passion and that will never pay as much but that’s fine because “you will be fulfilled” through meaning.

It took me years to find out that this was not entirely true. I woke up one day, looking at my land, and realizing I wanted to build a healing center. I wanted to have a land in Peru. I wanted to reach help more people. I wanted to create an online school with a very low cost of access so everyone could learn, heal and be free from this system. And then another reality hit me on top of all that. There was an emergency. A collapsing western civilization and a collapsing environment. There was no time to lose. No time to wait 20 years and do this “whenever” it will be possible.

Enough is enough. I keep seeing my clients, my friends, holding so tight to their unfulfilling jobs. Paralyzed in the fear to let go. Often with lots of credit cards debt, student loan, house loan, car loan, kids & family to feed. And yet all of my clients had those BIG DREAMS. To create a life that was both fulfilling and meaningful, and also financially abundant. This is when my entrepreneur/CEO mind, infused by my deepest Heart had me searching and assessing many options out there. Most of them where requiring way too much energy for little reward. Or were misaligned in purpose. Or with not enough automatism. I wanted a solution that was highly performant, highly rewarding, freeing of my time, and align with my belief and with healing work. That’s when I finally “found” two dear old friends I met on my medicine journey, who had exactly very successfully crafted that solution.

So last week I decided to ask my dear old friends who helped me on that road, to bring some of you under that umbrella, into that training. Bring the ones of you who resonate with my personal story, the ones who are tired of being stuck, the ones who believe and WANT to be financially abundant to direct that money, that energy, to create Sanctuaries and healing for others, for the Earth. I am beyond excited about this and look forward to seeing some of you accepted into this training (it is free BUT it requires you really want this and are motivated, so we will talk to each of you who are interested and select a very small group).

If this resonates with you, message me ON FACEBOOK BELOW MY POST with “I am ready” and we will take you under our umbrella and be in touch. The training is next Tuesday, Apr 23rd at 7pm EST so do not wait.

With love G

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