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Challenging New Age Myths: Authentic Shamanism

In "Challenging New Age Myths: Authentic Shamanism," we explore what true shamanic practices entail beyond the surface of contemporary New Age interpretations.

Hosted by Bram from Ayahuasca Alchemy, the video features an enlightening conversation with Angell Deer, the caretaker and founder of The Sanctuary, located in Upstate New York.

Conversation Highlights:

Healing Through Understanding: The interview discusses the transformative power of compassion and understanding in healing. Angell Deer poignantly describes how many individuals are often seen and treated as broken, leading to issues such as addiction and violence. Through a compassionate lens of love and humanity, he emphasizes that healing comes from understanding and embracing all parts of oneself rather than viewing individuals as fundamentally flawed or broken.

Introduction to Angel Deer and The Sanctuary: Angel Deer introduces The Sanctuary, a center that teaches shamanic studies. The space supports multiple traditions and protocols and hosts retreats and trips to places like Peru. Angell elaborates on his background, primarily influenced by Andean cosmology, along with including Native American traditions, which have enriched his learning over the past 15 years.

The Andean Cosmology: Angell Deer delves into the unique aspects of Andean cosmology, primarily from the coastal traditions of Peru. He clarifies how different regions in Peru, such as Chavin and the coastal areas, contribute diverse shamanic practices characterized by oral traditions, nature-based prayers, and altars. Unlike the mountain-based Queros traditions, many are familiar with, the coastal practices offer a distinct perspective on sacred rituals and spiritual journeys.

Plant Medicine Practices: The discussion extends to using plant medicines such as Huachuma. Angell clarifies that, in traditional Andean teachings, plant medicines are not frequently used. Instead, they are reserved for specific ceremonies to ensure proper integration of their powerful effects, similar to infrequent vision quests. He emphasizes the grounded nature of these practices, which involve deep, land-oriented engagements like farming and community-based rituals over routine plant medicine use.

Western Influence and Cultural Integrity: A critical topic addressed is the impact of Western influence on Peruvian practices. Angell shares insights on how Western stimuli, like information overload and commercialization, lead to an overemphasis on dramatic experiences with plant medicines like ayahuasca and Huachuma. He advocates for more subtle yet profound interactions with nature and traditional practices often overshadowed by the more "loud" spiritual experiences favored by visiting Westerners.

Embodied Practices: To truly embrace and embody shamanic teachings, Angel Deer conveys the importance of patience and deep connection with the natural world. He reminisces about his teacher's foundational lesson about planting and nurturing corn, which symbolizes a sacred bond with nature and the slow, contemplative journey of spiritual learning. This hands-on engagement fosters a genuine understanding and transformation, far from the quick fixes sometimes sought in Western spiritual practices.

Integration and Application: For those seeking to learn at The Sanctuary, the challenge of integrating profound teachings within the constraints of modern Western life is recognized. Angel discusses the educational approach of providing foundational shamanic wisdom and practical applications, helping individuals plant and nurture "seeds" of learning that will grow in their everyday lives. This method encourages continuous personal growth and connection, regardless of professional or urban lifestyle.

Through this enriching dialogue, the podcast "Challenging New Age Myths: Authentic Shamanism" seeks to illuminate the rich, nuanced, and often misunderstood world of shamanic wisdom.

It underlines the timeless relevance of ancient practices and the significance of cultivating a deeper, more authentic connection with ourselves and the natural world around us.

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