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Coming full circle...

A men's retreat just started on the land here. I sat in a circle with a beautiful group of men sharing about the cycles of life, the cycles of learning, and the cycles of Renewal.

From the shamanic perspective, there is really no end and no beginning in itself. What ends is the beginning of something. What starts is the end of something else.

When we close the ceremony we end it by saying "now the ceremony starts". A reminder that the real ceremony is our life. That is in itself a cycle, never-ending but changing forms (being alive and dead).

In the past months, I was called to attend and organize three ceremonies for different families where someone passed away. Changing forms. I feel humbled and grateful every time I am called to be there for endings, for beginnings.

Traditionally medicine men/women were always called to hold ceremonial spaces for every rite of passage (birth, death, adulthood, initiation, etc). So I consider it not only part of my duties but also part of creating meaning through sacred containership and rituals for the community.

I have many traditional stories that were gifted to me by my teachers and elders for those cycle ending/beginning. For those times of transformation.

Once we realize that the macrocosmic stories are reflected in the microcosmic stories, we can allow transformation and initiation in alignment and allyship with ancestral wisdom and the power of the spirits.

Our journeys are intertwined. Connected. Like the mycelium connects the trees. We are myceliumystic in Nature. Cycle in Nature. And the remembering of the connections can allow transforming with more ease, without too much ego pain, and with much meaning as found in creation stories and cosmological wheels.

I pray each and every one of us, myself included, will find profound grace and meaning in the trusting of those great unfoldings while nourishing our endings and beginnings with sacred blessings, ceremonies, and beauty.

The way through life is a circle. There is no one ahead, no one behind. We are all circling around the ancient fire of creation. We are flying around the fire as a flock of birds, connected, and always in relation to each other.

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