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Daily Morning Practice; the Power for your Day and your Life

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Setting a powerful daily morning practice is one of the foundations of the Awakened Leadership™ program. And there is a reason for that. No workshop, no self-help book, no seminar, no other tool will help you more than this practice.

Why? Because without a strong daily morning practice, your connection to your true Power, one that is infinite and does not run on fear or caffeine, and your capacity to be present and focus all day will never reach its full potential.

In fact, you will probably never have the energy to fuel true lasting transformation.

You will also often been lost "in your head" and unable to find your "heart calling". Lost in the "ADD" of life, far from the deep purpose of YOUR life. You might glorify busy-ness and be addicted to it because you have lost contact with present-ness.

So I wanted to share my experience on how a different Daily Morning Practice might change all this. And be one of the foundations of a new transformed life: I recorded a short and information packed iTunes Podcast to help you explore why this is the tool you NEED TO LEARN AND HAVE IN PLACE in your life.

Here is the podcast on iTunes! (by the way make sure to subscribe to get the next ones...).

A new path to success, to find your purpose, to change old habits, and to step into a real transformation is possible! If we were to work together, I will develop a custom practice for you that will change your day and your life.

Now imagine if we do this with your team, your organization? How much power might be unleashed?... Yes, it's possible.

Listen to the podcast here, and contact me to discuss how I can help you and/or your organization.


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