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Do not aim at happiness

Do not aim at happiness. Do not aim at success. Do not aim at liberation.

Happiness, Success, and Liberation happen as a by-product of being fully in your heart and your body.

Allowing all that needs to be felt, to be FELT. All that needs to be seen, to be SEEN.

It is when you surrender to where you are, here and now, that you will go through the gates of healing and growth you came to face and open in this life.

It is when you surrender to your Soul and the map it contains for your life, that you will be guided through each step needed to reach happiness, success, and liberation.

If you aim at happiness, success, and liberation you will not see the steps that are in front of you and will fall more than necessary. You will also be stuck in front of the next door you need to open, watching at the horizon through a window of dreams.

Happiness, Success, and Liberation are also beyond you. As all of them include others. There is no happiness, success, and liberation in the limitation and narrow-minded understanding of one's mind. It is when the self-healing, self-growth, extends to a greater mission of healing the collective and the planet, that your deepest healing will happen.

So listen to your higher self, in the best way you can. With the perfectly imperfect human that you are today.

Take the next step into this humble path of an embodied Human.

Take each step gently, softly, wildly, with courage and bravery, with determination, especially when this step feels like total craziness and unknowingness!

Take each step with your beating heart.

With your unique Song. With your beautiful Body. With the beat of your Drum, at your own pace.

And allow yourself to cry and laugh! Allow yourself to crumble and rise! Allow yourself to be afraid and to be excited!

There is no rule, no map, no path anyone has walked that is yours.

Do not aim at happiness. Do not aim at success. Do not aim at liberation.

And you will see that day after day, years after years, happiness, success, and liberation will come more and more often as the unexpected but most welcomed guests of your life...

You got this!

Angell Deer

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