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Embracing the New Year by remembering who we are...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I cannot recall a New Year where I have not been through the process of looking back at the year, at what I succeed and failed at. Which goals were achieved, which goals were failed, which goals were even forgotten... I also always had the tradition to write my goals for the new year to start: Goals for my work, my life, my home, my relationships, my health.

Yet this year, as I was praying to prepare the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I received the clear message that beyond the goals (which are always a useful GPS roadmap) it was more important to pick one word in which I wanted to wrap them.

The word that came to me was: REMEMBER.

Remember who you are. we are. you. me. The divine love of which we are not only born but are the intimate expression. From our DNA to our bodies, from our thoughts to our breath, all is an expression of the Divine Love. We cannot escape it. We cannot not be it. Let me repeat, you cannot not be the expression of divine love. We can certainly live and get lost in the illusion of the separation from it, but we cannot be anything else than the divine Love.

So for this new year, I realize that the most important for me, for us, was to REMEMBER our truth, every second, and to aim at embodying it in everything we do.

- When we are in pain, remembering that we are growing and learning

- When we are sad or crying, remembering that it is the way for our body to heal

- When we are angry, remembering that it is the fear of not being loved which is behind it

- When we are lost, remembering that it is to bring us to a new unknown place filled with wisdom

- When we are sick, remembering that it is our body's way to ask us to listen

- When we are judging others, remembering that it is the way Spirit shows us what we judge in ourselves

- When we feel we are not enough, remembering that we hold stories which don't serve us

It takes great courage and strength to be fully human yet to walk a spiritual path. To fully recognize that Spirit (God) is not only in the holy ones, the holy places, the holy part of me. But that God is everywhere and in everything. It aches profoundly the Heart to expand the Love beyond the bearable, the known, the "what looks like me", the "expected", the "pleasant" and to find God and Love in the dark places too. Knowing that it is there that I can truly remember fully who I am. Aiming at the Light, yet holding and loving those dark parts like we would hold a crying baby. Not judging him. Not trying to change him. Just loving him.

Remembering who we are is remembering the Light and Love we carry and that moves us. It is remembering your perfectly imperfect self. It is remembering that there is an ever going ceremony in the fire of your Heart. It is remembering that the world of duality (good/bad, light/dark) is not the only world of God, the world of God is also (mainly to my opinion) non-dual, does not always make sense and is often beyond words...

How do we embody it as a human?

I am not sure I have a good answer for that. The only thing I know is that the more I try to do, the less I will Be, and that surrender has been my most direct gateway to God's grace.

So let me wish you a new year filled with Grace. Where you remember who you are. Where you love all you are. Where you see all you are. And where those who have the incredible chance to know you, can tell you over and over how beautiful, strong, perfect and divine you are.

Because you are the real gift to humanity.


Shawinigan Ungaia / The Sanctuary

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