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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

A great gift for you today! I am really excited to share with you some exclusive content made by my friends Rob & Cali.

Two semi-enlightened friends talk openly about life, love and the pursuit of being yourself. Rob Kaye is a life coach and radio personality in New York. His album and ebook YOU ARE THE HERO: Coaching and Affirmations is available on iTunes. Cali Alpert is an Emmy award-winning TV producer, media consultant, and radio interviewer. Her exchanges with thousands of celebrities, spiritual luminaries, and strangers alike have honed her ability to ask insightful questions, listen attentively, offer wisdom and willingly share her vast resources and life guidance.

You can find their iTunes Podcast here, or discover 7 powerful exclusive talks reformated for GauthereauGroup which will give you a lot of tools, wisdom, power in your life and career!

Our thoughts affect our feelings, our feelings affect our vibe and our vibe affects what we attract. 

A little validation goes a long way. Sometimes we just need someone to say they understand. 

There’s a positive side to negative emotions. When we express dark feelings, then we make more space for joy and peace.   

Sometimes the magic happens in the most unfamiliar places. It usually happens when we least expect it.   

Silence really is golden. Getting still on the inside is the path to peace.  

The more you take care of yourself, the better you are for others. The most important thing we'll ever do is attend to ourselves in a healthy way.

Sometimes people just want to be heard. Try to make time and space to listen to them.   

If you enjoy them, check out their podcast here, a weekly episode of powerful wisdom!

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