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Grandmother Eagle Wisdom

As I sit alone in quarantine for now 3 weeks, my heart grieves and hurt. When I see the death toll. When I hear about doctors and nurses impacted. When I see people with no resources, locally and refugees on the other side of the world. When people near me lose a family member. A lot of grief to be felt.

I also allow myself to feel gratitude, joy, and peace. Nurturing my center daily with rituals, prayers, songs, and deep connection with my partner, my family, my community, my students and the land.

Allowing myself to feel all that is alive in me and in others. Allowing all the feelings. Not shaming or judging those in fear. Not separating from those who dwell in conspiracy theories. Because the great work here is to stay connected. To stay in togetherness while in aloneness.

I am also not trying to point fingers at anyone. It's hard work. Not creating an "enemy" responsible for our societal collapse. Neither the Chinese, our government, 5G or aliens. No. There is no enemy out there. The enemy has always been in there: Ignorance.

Ignorance has fed the world with separation. Judgment. Confusion. Racism. Anger. Fear. Addiction. Ego. Destruction. War. Ecosystems collapse.

It created the world we live in and that is only struggling because of those traumas that are rampant across the world and in each of us.

It is always easier to find an enemy out there. Much harder work to fight the enemy in there: self-ignorance. And yet it is there that we will solve all our problems. It is there that we will rebuild a society that cares deeply for each other. Rebuilding education, health and a healthy social structure for all.

Nature does this perfectly. Everyday. Since the dawn of time. And here this Eagle mother reminded me of that. That we carry this deep wisdom too. And that this wisdom will arise if we heal our souls from all those traumas.

Aiming at being a good relative. With all my relatives. Being in a good relationship with all my relations. Two-legged. One-legged. Furry one. Winged one. In good relationship with the Earth. The waters. The wind. And the fire.

Not just praying at my altar for this world to manifest, but remembering that I am a living altar and that my life is a ceremony.

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