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Grounding Meditation (Be a Tree)

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

With the Solstice this week, and the new Moon tomorrow (Monday 10.58PM EST) in Aries, there is a lot of FIRE energy in the air... This might have started to come to you as tension, hyper-mind activity, anger, difficulty in your relationships, etc. Have you felt it? It's pretty strong already... Fire is not a negative element if we do not let it go all to our head. We can use fire to burn negative energy, move difficult emotional blockages, and bring strong creativity and actions in our lives. You can also use more water element on your altar, in your home, or by doing meditation calling the Water Spirit (nice to be done near the ocean, a river, a lake or under the rain).

To help you, I recorded a GROUNDING MEDITATION (Be a Tree) today to help you ground in the coming days and allow the strength of your inner core be a strong pillar in the storm. May it help you connect to your roots, to the Earth Mother, and to remove any feelings of fear, non-safety, and lack.

You will find all my other weekly meditations on The Sanctuary YoutTube Channel, I invite you to subscribe for free so you don't miss out on the next video :)

Happy New Moon!


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