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Healing is not self-improvement

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Very often I have friends or clients who think this process of healing, of remembering who we are, of clearing the untruth, is a process of self-improvement.

That's where we get stuck because we are trying to move forward with some parts of us and not other parts...

It's a total mistake or misconception.

We are not becoming a more spiritual or "enlighten" person, whatever this means. We are already 100% spirit in a physical form, how would it be possible to be more spiritual? It's an illusion.

We are not becoming more "enlighten", we are already a pure Light of Divine energy like everyone and everything in the universe.

What we are doing, working on daily, practicing many hours a day, is to remove the veils on the Light and to become whole again.

We focus our intentions and prayer. We walk the red road. We work diligently yet kindly, with a method, a commitment, and a lot of love, to discover our shadows, unlock our belief system, and embrace all what we ARE.

The process of healing, of enlightenment is to be able to first see all what we are in full truth and full light (not based on what anyone thinks or say, or what we might think is true), and to embrace it with 100% compassion and love. Because rejecting part of it would be knowing what's right and wrong inside us, and assuming some part are not divine, which is full untruth.

That's where you dive into duality and non duality, I am healing and becoming awaken, yet the ultimate Truth is that I am already healed and awaken. The two sides of the same coin. Embracing duality and non duality as a fact, can only be understood in the experience of the spiritual practice but never intellectually. My mind is structured for duality and will not be able to comprehend, and therefore guide me, into this process. My Heart only and his gentle whisper can see the truth. Mind is loud with stories, fear, traumas, projections, and safe guarding systems preventing to truly see.

This process is messy. It's ok to be messy. It is annihilating all what we think we knew. It's ok to get lost. It is letting the old stories goes. It's ok to die. It is realizing that there are no others. Yet It's ok to witness separation to walk back to unity. It's ok to feel fear and pain, yet remembering its only there to show us where we are living in untruth. It's ok to be human and to feel it all wherever it leads. Because you are here to feel it all and bring that wisdom back into your soul.

So my brother, my sister, dive into oneness and all-togetherness, into wholeness and fullness, leave nothing hidden, nothing separated, and send only compassion and love to ALL of your-self, and by extension to everyone else.

Only then will you bow truly to the Divine universe, the voice and Light of All. Only then will your remember who you truly are.

With deep love and compassion for our Heart work


Shawinigan Ungaia 

PS: if you think this blog post could help a friend, thank you for forwarding it to them  

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