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Healing Your Heart; The miracle medicine for you, your organization, and the world. - Gauthereau Gro

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Is this something you have ever said or heard: Listen to your Heart; I love you from the depth of my Heart; I am Heartbroken; I can hear my heart beating fast; You touched my Heart; He has such a big Heart; What a heartless company, …

All those are a little sample of hundreds of expressions we all know very well. They, in fact, show us how important our heart is over our brain in taking the right decisions. The heart is so vital that it is the first thing we detect from a fetus, way before the brain is formed. And when we die, our last heartbeat signals our death.

In a society where pretty much everything is centered on the “power of the brain” and where we believe (while it has never been true nor worked) that the brain is going to solve the biggest issues of our civilization, I felt compelled to write a blog post about our heart.

Why? Well every single client I have met those past 12 months (CEO, entrepreneurs, executives, dad, mothers, teenagers), though they might have contacted me for help for various ailments; sleep disorders, loss of power, back pain, emotional or mental blockages, physical traumas or cancer – all things that they believed was their problem ­– in fact, they all had heart trauma at the root of all these issues.

Many of these people were continuously roaming the world for new experiences, remote and exotic places, noisy festivals of self-expression, or more commonly an addiction to busy-ness and to social relaxation in the search for the great medicine that might heal their pain and darkest shadows…

As I walked them through a process of self-observation, self-discovery of their pain, re-assessment and remembering of the truth behind the story in their head, I witnessed the most powerful transformation. They were humbled and transformed when they could open their heart, hold the trauma and pain with Love, and stop running away or hiding with mental tricks or self-medication.

And they discovered the great secret: The heart is the root of the issue and also where the medicine is…

Listen carefully: that medicine you have been searching for “out-there” is waiting for you “in-there” hidden in your wound.

Deep, inside our Heart, lays our true identity, our truth, our wisdom, and our real power. A power so big, so infinite, that once we reconnect to it everything becomes possible and everyone comes together united in peace and action.

If we use our heart at the ROOT of any decision, action, words, thoughts, then the world around us would be way more transformed than by any technology ever invented. I do not see one problem “out there” being environmental, economical, political, or social, that is fundamentally ever going to be resolved if we do not shift radically the way we approach it: we just need to THINK LESS and FEEL MORE. Use LESS BRAIN and MORE HEART.

Let me repeat this to you: we do not need more science; more gadgets; more inventions; more Internet; but we need more heart, more love, more vulnerability, more compassion.

So I invite you to try this, not only with friends or at home, but also in your community, at your office, in your organization. Explore how reconnecting with your inner voice, your heart, your body, can allow you to find better words, better solutions, better action plans, better communications with others.

I invite you to see how as a leader, a CEO, this could totally transform your organization if you allow a space for this to happen (I talked about this in that speech in front of hundreds of leaders & CEOs).

If you want to know more listen HERE to one of my latest podcast, called “Awakened Leadership” or contact me so I can help you write a concrete plan on how to transform your life or your organization.

Finally as a little gift, and to honor the Heart, I am releasing a video on “5 Tips to Heal your Heart” because however strong we think we are, none of us is made of steel, and all of us need to heal our heart.

Think less, feel more.


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