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How to be truly successful?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

What is the true definition of success? Is it just financial and a "big" career? Or does success have a much more multi-dimensional definition that includes personal life, family, service to others, happiness, achieving our life purpose, etc? A few months ago I had the privilege to go on stage to talk in front of hundreds of leaders about "Success, Happiness & Life Purpose", and you can listen to this talk here. The word "success" is so often used to describe the "heroes" of the business world, that we quickly embrace that one version of success and don't even question the definition of it.

When someone tells you "He is very successful" they often talk only about career and bank account. But is that person really successful? Does this person has a well balanced emotional and mental life? Is this person truly happy? Is this person in touch with his or her life purpose?

After years of meeting CEOs and busy executives, coaching clients, and comparing the official story painted by the news or the social media feed with the REAL story, I realised that very often our "heroes" are fake heroes on the definition of success. These heroes often had a terrible personal life balance, were "horrible" bosses, or were extremely dysfunctional adults. But somehow it was ok to have them as the role model in a business career. To me, those "successful" people became "un-successful".

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." Albert Einstein

In fact, the very act of falling out of success was my way of finding my life purpose!

So I had to explore and find a new definition. One that includes many more dimensions. One that include others and not just that one person that we are. Because I firmly believe that there is no personal success if our success is not helping others to live in a world with less pain, less anger, less injustice, and fewer inequalities.

What makes people truly happy?

When are you living in your bliss?

Do you know your life purpose and living it?

How often do you listen to your Heart to make a decision instead of your head?

Are you living (and taking decisions) from a place of fear or of Love?

Those are some of the many elements of answers, and some of the many questions I use when working on life purpose, happiness and true life success with my clients. I am exploring all those questions, and more answers, in this new podcast.

I am exploring all those questions, and more answers, in this new podcast.

Listen to it here, join the conversation, share your definition of success!

Looking forward to hearing back from you!



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