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How to celebrate life and love when some suffer so much?

Leaving Germany after a blessed time with my Godchildren and family. Feeling deeply the whole range of human emotions, from love to pain as I feel also the deep suffering of all my relations in Australia.

How to celebrate life and love when some suffer so much?

Reading about Australian beekeepers checking on their burn hives and finding screaming burnt alive animals. Watching the scene of burnt lands over the size of my country France, looking like an atomic blast. Hearing the stories of all those who lost homes, friends, families, and lands.

How to feel it all and cultivate a tender heart that does not fall into despair or unhealthy anger?

For me, it always comes back to action. What can I do to foster life? Well-being? Hope? Compassion? Love? When my body wants to hide, run away, fight and shut down.

Giving money or time to the people on the ground fighting the fires, protecting wildlife, restoring lands, fighting for climate justice, demanding actions on energy and environmental policies, etc.

But I keep remembering that as the hummingbird who carries water in its tiny Beak to stop a forest fire, any action can seem very small in the scale of the needs. Yet every single little action of each of us is essential.

So I pledge to keep planting trees on my land, moving towards a more sustainable and conscious life. Protecting the bees and pollinators in the US with the New York Bee Sanctuary. Healing myself so I can hold that space for myself and others.

I don't know if it will save humanity from itself. I don't know if I am doing enough. I don't know if it's the best course of action. But I can only try my best and be kind, gentle and compassionate with my self too. Trusting Spirit is guiding my steps as I deepen my prayers. Trusting Spirit is guiding all those who listen.

I am feeling more and more that it is ok to be an optimist pessimist. Not being attached to the outcome that is maybe out of my hands, but focus on the right next step I can take, I have to take. Today. And that is where my prayers, my actions, and my power is.

We will be offering a space holding for support and transformation of grief, despair into healthy actions, personal and collective power. At the Sanctuary this spring. As I know the true power of change will come through our collective connections and transformations.

Because when everything is gone, what is left is each other.

With all my love and deep compassion to the people of Australia, of the Amazon's, of Africa, of all the countries in the world who are suffering.

You are not alone. We care.


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