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Are you in the Arena?

Only when in the Arena can we support those who are there. On the benches of the Arena, we can easily critic because we never know what it takes to be in the Arena.

In the Arena is where we express our full potential, our life calling, where we show up for ourself and others, where our deepest path expresses itself.

And yes we might fall, fail, in the Arena. But on the benches of the Arena will be the greatest failure of life: not showing up for ourself, our soul, our calling.

I have been very saddened by all the online attacks, hate and anger towards Greta Thunberg.  Attacking a young girl (on the way she talks, her credibility, her intelligence, and her look) with Aspergers which is a social disorder not a mentally debilitating disorder is beyond belief.

Attacking any human being who stands in the Arena to defend its belief is never producing a great outcome.

Not allowing a 16-year-old to have anger and grief, is dehumanizing. Which one of us never had Anger? Has no more Anger? Pointing at any flows in someone character just because what we hear trigger us, is not creating any possible bridge with that person, neither any possibility of personal healing.

And yet that is what we are ALL called towards.

Healing ourselves and bridging with others.

Unity and Love.

I personally prefer anger well transformed and channeled into peaceful positive action than passive numbness, Lack of Empathy and compassion towards others, and cynicism towards those who act in their own way to create a better home for future generations. In truth, Anger frightens many of us in others because we are afraid and have not healed our own anger. Towards our parents, our ex-partners, and "others".

It is the wounded inner child, who had its anger dismissed at an early age and was told to be a "good boy or a good girl". It is the Anger buried deep in our bones that frighten us the most because it is also the most painful one. The wounded inner child screaming for self-love. And it is at the end of the day what triggers anger: The Inner child that is calling our Love. The pain that screams to be healed.

So when a message comes, that touch our wound, we often react violently towards the messenger. Only deep healing work allow to pause and hear the message, feel its pain, and BLESS the messenger for bringing that light inside ourself. I have witnessed so often in my healing work (while helping clients work with anger, trauma & depression), people attacking the messenger when the message is touching deep wounds and/or not delivered in the way that keeps them comfortable. Yet in the Great Spirit perfect design, the teacher always comes in disguise. The good teacher will always trigger us.

We should all protect and defend Greta youth (and all young kids), extol the virtues of her bravery and own up to the fact she is exposing the corporate greed and selfishness that has led us to where we are.

No matter our take, views, and belief on climate, despite the clarity of science on this subject, it is undeniable that we have been irresponsible caretakers of Mother Earth.

Undeniable that we are in mass extinction.

Undeniable the amount of toxic pesticides in our soils is rising.

Undeniable waters of oceans and rivers are full of plastics and pollution.

Undeniable the process / industrial food we eat is unhealthy and contaminated.

Undeniable our western way of life creates waste and pollution beyond control.

Undeniable the Earth capacity to absorb our mistakes is way beyond balance.

Undeniable forest and wildland cover have been downsizing at a fast pace.

Undeniable animals, fishes, birds, and insects like bees are disappearing

Our responsibility as Humans is to look in the mirror and not point fingers.

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? - Matthew 7:3

To see what we did, and what we can do. Where we are not aligned with Nature. Where we do not treat our relations properly. Where we can not only be the change but empower others to be the change.

Our responsibility as humans and spiritual seekers is to open our hearts to those who cannot feel their pain, and therefore the pain of others, because of the tremendous amount of numbness and protection that is layered on their wounds.

There is no true spirituality if we create separation and express negative judgment.

True Spirituality is fully held and express through unconditional love for all of Humanity.

I pray we all leave the comfortable seat on the side of the Arena and go inside it, in the loving and kind battle for peace, justice, health, compassion and the end of suffering for all Humans, Animals, Trees, Plants, Rivers, and Lands.

Only in the arena all together will we win those worthy battles.

With Love and compassion for all,


PS: If you need help with triggers, trauma, and anger, contact me

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