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"In This Place: Experiencing Sacred Plant Medicine Right Where You Are” with Amanda Nicole (REPLAY)

Turn it up! Turn it down. Have we come to believe it must be true because it’s loud? Lights flash and voices shout from every corner.

The noise is deafening, and it seems we’ve forgotten how to listen to the softer voices offering wisdom for this Shifting Now. It seems we’ve come to believe for something to be effective it must pack a punch, require extensive travel, pause our daily life, and disrupt. But this is not so.

We can experience the Sacred in this place -- right here, right now. And we will.

Watch the replay of our event as we turn it down, drop into our hearts, and tune into the softer -- but no less sacred -- voice of the plants. Together, we will listen and gather sacred plant medicine right where we are.

In our time together, you will be invited through conversation and participation to open to the possibility of communicating with plants and receiving sacred medicine messages while in a state of normal consciousness.

Space will be held for you to sit and listen with a plant, experience its essence, receive its messages, share your experience (if you choose), and be blessed by the medicine shared by others.

Amanda Nicole is a liriodendress, a divine daughter of the tulip poplar tree. An intuitive plant medicine practitioner and divine channel, she believes Heaven & Earth merge at the heart-center of every human. With plants in her heart & words on her lips, Amanda writes, speaks, and sings in service to the Divine, inspiring individuals to fully embody their divine essence, access the freedom of their unique self-expression, and enjoy the miracle of becoming fully human. You are invited to connect with Amanda via her website:

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