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It is time to remember your Icaro

Sacred Voice. This song that we all carry. Intimate vibration of Love and truth. One often layered with shame, fear, and shyness but also ancient stories and magic. A portal between the invisible and the visible. Between the magic and the Gods.

Trained as a classical musician, with an ear always seeking the right tone, my voice, my singing has always been one of my greatest struggles.

My voice was not always safe. From school bullying to the difficulty of expressing my emotions from my neurodiverse perspective, I have often retreated to silence for safety and belonging.

I gave up many times but recently felt there is some invisible and very intimate connection between what is unexpressed in my voice and some elements of the physical pain in my body.

The rising of the spinal energy wanted to be liberated. Shakti wanted to meet Shiva. My earth song wanted to reach the sky and the four winds.

We have forgotten to sing in a world that is often too loud and speaks too much. That is the

medicine for this time. Because to sing we need to be silent and listen.

Here with Aleider, my voice teacher, who uses rituals and shamanic work to find the veils in front of the magic, the old soul contracts with my voice to be burned and rewritten.

It is never too late to find our song, our singing melody, our sacred vibration.

Yesterday, after torrential rain in the sacred valley, hundreds of birds started to sing loudly to thank the rain and welcome the sun back. They know. They never had forgotten.

They were telling me: come sing with us in the morning when we welcome the sun. Come at night as the owl sings to the moon.

Embrace your song as the sky is longing for it. We are longing for it.

It benefits no one to dim our light. To hide our voice. To be silent when the world awaits our song. Let's always remember the blessings of our sacred song, our unique vibration, as they are much needed in this cosmic dance.

The wind is longing to carry yours, too. The Earth is longing to receive yours, too.

Your ancestors will whisper in your heart the ancient melody of belonging and becoming. The sacred verses to remember your Path. This icaro will heal so many. Let's go sing with the birds... Angell Deer

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Sheila McGarey
Sheila McGarey
19 de mar. de 2023



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