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Jesus, the ultimate Shaman

REPLAY of the magical interview from the authors of this new book that explore the bridges between the Christ healing ways and shamanism. YouTube Video below + Podcast Audio on all platforms at this link here.

In a world increasingly perceived as overwhelming, chaotic, or even dangerous, people are being drawn to deepen their spirituality in response. Shamanism is one avenue that is becoming increasingly popular for achieving that goal.

Shamanism derives from millennia of worldwide, multi-cultural practices that connect the ordinary, material world to the non-ordinary world of Spirit. Today, Shamans and Shamanic Practitioners offer simple yet effective ways to help people connect with Spirit. They teach people how to move back and forth between these two worlds, whether for personal, spiritual growth or the healing of themselves, others, and the environment.

Jesus, the Ultimate Shaman is an easy-to-read book that covers a multitude of topics. Sally Denny and Steve Bull provide their readers with a basic introduction to Shamanism and describe many of the shamanic tools that are able to be used.

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