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Knowing which plant you are...

I think part of the issue is people assuming that every one MUST want to move upwards.

Like... it's the next logical step for a person to want to move up the chain: from worker to manager, to district manager, and eventually owner or CEO. From a small apartment to a big house. From living in one place to traveling to many different places.

But I always think of growth like plants.

Aspens grow tall to reach the sun, for sure. But dandelions grow deep, understanding themselves fully so that if some misguided fool tries to uproot them they'd have to try damn hard.

And then there's thyme and other creeping plants, which spread themselves out so much that if you chop a part of it off it roots wherever it can find dirt to root in.

I want to grow like mushrooms. Growing through the myceliumystic connections to all beings and the dying matter.

I want my story to be about making new life from what's rejected, abandoned, discarded, and decomposing. I want the dead leaves to melt into my skin.

I want my existence to be a testimony of inter-connectedness where to find me you first need to know at which roots of which tree you might encounter my presence.

There will be seasons when I will stay invisible to the eyes and yet so deeply connected to my true essence.

And when I will fruit out you will only see one tiny spec of who I truly am.

I do not want to know where I started or where I end. I want the blurry boundaries of my true being to stay mysterious and unseen. I want my rebirthing to always happen on those edges, not in my center.

My main work and essence will always be below the ground, in the dark soil, in the breathing skin of the Mother.

Which plant are you?

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Nov 13, 2022

I'm sure I am a succulent of some type...not sure I need to know the name of the succulent, but I certainly resonate with these three types. Each one resonates with me differently. The Echeverria in the front feels like my heart; pink, open and expanding out from the center in an inviting embrace. The one on the left exudes strength and courage to expand in an organized way, following the pattern that life has designed. The one on the right feels like tendrils coming out from my center, meandering upward toward the cosmos. All are arranged in a heart container that radiates love.

Angell Deer
Angell Deer
Nov 16, 2022
Replying to

This is beautiful 😍


I have found myself being drawn to thyme, mullen and comfrey where the doctrine of signatures is concerned..yet in your description of thyme, I realize that I find myself always reaching out, looking to heal.

Angell Deer
Angell Deer
Nov 12, 2022
Replying to

This is beautiful... Many plants are drawing me and they change over the seasons. If you were to think of your essence, if YOU were a plant/tree/etc, who would YOU be?


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