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Living in Time of Prophecy, with Grandmother ThreeCrow

As an elder, dreamer, and visionary, Grandmother Threecrow responds to my questions and shares insight and wisdom regarding this time of prophecy we are living in.

This is part of our series "MEET THE ELDER" that you can find on our YouTube Channel here. If you prefer an audio version you can find all our talks on Spotify, and iTunes Podcast, with this link.

All our talks are FREE with open donations for the Elder. But like everyone we need funds to produce the podcasts, video editing, and support our platform. If you liked this talk and want to support The Sanctuary and help us reach more elders, you can send donations via Paypal at or Venmo @TheSanctuaryNY. This makes A BIG difference and allows more reciprocity in our giving so I thank you a lot in advance for any donation.

Here are some other questions we explored in this exceptional live online connection with Grandmother Threecrow:

  • Is prophecy written in stone?

  • Are we helpless? Is it hopeless?

  • What is this timeline we are all living in and did we sign up for this?

  • And if yes, why would we do that?

  • Is humanity in a time of great change and transition?

  • Do you know about the prophecy of the star children?

  • Do you know about the prophecy of the rainbow warriors?

  • Do you know about the power of word, thought, and emotions?

  • Do you understand negative energies, entities, demons, and dark forces?

  • What do you know about frequency, and energy, and how to use those powers?

  • Do you believe that we are powerful co-creators and that we can create our own reality?

We explored these questions and more with a deep conversation with an extraordinary elder, Grandmother Threecrow.

Grandmother Barbara Threecrow carries the legacy of her ancestors: and a linage of experiencers contactees, communicators visionaries and seers – derives from her heritage; Celt, Nanticoke Lanape/Delaware and adopted Lakota – She is a child born with a Caul, a child of the stars, healer, seer and teacher of earth ways; the way to live in harmony according to tribal consciousness and Creator’s law of one.

Grandmother is the caretaker of sacred stones – sacred bundle keeper, leader of traditional ceremony, and caretaker of the Can’nupa Wakan Sacred Pipe. Prophecy was given her over thirty years ago, that women were to return to the sacred circle to retrieve their original knowledge – to reset the code of human's fundamental nature: the blueprint of superior intelligence and how to retrieve the ancient wisdom within our DNA – Grandmother Threecrow shares the truth of our origins, about the Star Children of today and how to see behind the curtain of this Wizards world; the matrix that generations before us were born into.

Grandmother says; We are inter-dimensional beings – we are more powerful than ever imagined –she speaks of the original agreements of the soul/spirit and our journey upon the medicine wheel of life – our purpose, place, and point of focus in regards to prophecy.

She guides us on how to free ourselves from the fourth world of chaos and transition into the fifth world of thousand years of peace – discloses the prophecies realized and prophecies unfolding and how and why humanity is transitioning as is the mother earth; the great ship in this cosmic realm. We are not alone - the ancestors, the E.T's, and the elementals whose presence existed from the beginning are our teachers our guides.

Grandmother speaks to our achieving of our fullest potential; higher consciousness - inner/standing, psychic extra/sensory clair-audio-clair-sentient, and the gifts received upon birth. She shares the importance of our knowing that our return is to become that which we were meant to be in this present and future time/line.

She will answer the often-asked question: why is this timeline unique and why am I here? Grandmother speaks of the mysteries the truth of the unknown the un-thinkable the unexplained - her wisdom covers a wide range of circumstances, phenomenon and the unexplained is explained from spiritual guidance; the guidance from the Grandmothers of the spirit realm who have been with her from the beginning and before. Grandmother Threecrow share with us the prophecies unfolding, the law of one, this unique timeline regarding the Sacred Feminine the Sacred Masculine, living in the time of prophecy and our being asked to participate during these times of change and challenge. She brings to us the wisdom of those who dwell in the realm of spirit her guides and teachers known as the Grandmothers.

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