• Angell Deer

Living on a Refugee Food Ration

On Sunday, June 16th I am going to start living for ONE WEEK on a Refugee Food Ration.

I just received the exact same Ration that is given weekly to refugees in camps. And it is so very little!

I recorded this video to show you what's in this box, so many have to live with...

Heartbreaking isn't it?!

Why am I doing this?

  1. To raise money and awareness for those refugees. All money raised will go to them

  2. To challenge my-self to be in prayers & communion with hungry brothers and sisters.

I need your support, my friends.

It is going to be a long week where I know I will be hungry while in prayer & communion with millions of people who have to live like this often for years or the rest of their lives.

Any amount will help. ANY.

Will you give $1? More? Share this post? Cheer me up? Pray with me that week starting June 16th?

To sponsor me & them, follow this link: https://my.rationchallengeusa.org/shawiniganungaia

Thank you for any help you will provide...

Much Love, G

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