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Nature Deficit Disorder

Magic is always there. And come in unexpected ways.

I woke up a few days ago at the sanctuary with 30+ wild turkeys roaming the land. They spent some time around the fire circle and gently walking around the temple, our sweat lodge, and the whole land.

An elder told me one day "wild turkeys are the land caretaker. They are birds who decided a long time ago to stop flying so they will stay on the ground to care for the land."

This past weekend we did had a land cleaning and our first spring prayer ceremony. I felt the land was happy and today the wild turkeys came to remind me of our good prayers. Gently picking at the land and fine-tuning our work.

Despite this sighting is not uncommon it is quite magical when it happens in sync with our sacred work.

Our society that has abandoned wilderness and lands and is seeing it just as a resource, has cut the magic link between the Earth and us.

Many research now shows that Nature Deficit Disorder is very common amongst adults & children. It shows up with anxiety, depression, anger, and addictions.

Richard Louv, author of “The Nature Principle” and “The Last Child in the Woods,” says that there is no replacement for actual time spent in nature. Louv coined the term “nature-deficit disorder” to describe how a generation of kids has been deprived of time outside to explore and interact with nature. Anyone working in the traditional school system witnesses kids overwhelmed with anxiety, ADD, and other syndromes often leading to consumption of drugs and alcohol.

As we gently yet commit to returning to the land, to the prayers, to the honoring of the sacred, the thread of magic is weaved again and the song of the lands can be heard again. As this song is heard, we finally can heal our deepest trauma. And that is our mission here at The Sanctuary, to invite you to reconnect to your Nature, to the land, and to wellness.

May we all find the courage it takes to remember, to honor, to weave with the ancestral voices of our elders, our relatives, our extended family, and our lands.

She will speak to us with sweat songs of blessings.

❤️ Angell Deer

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